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Jason Douglas Griffin

Jason Douglas Griffin’s sophomore solo exhibit “Getting to Know Someone : 80’s Babies” opens to the public with a reception for the artist at Leo Kesting Gallery on Thursday, October 8th from 7:00 until 10:00 pm.

The raging 80’s- a time of sex, white lines and financial excess, gave way to a generation of twentysomethings worlds away from their baby boomer parents. With a title seemingly cribbed from a John Hughes’ film, “Getting to Know Someone: 80’s Babies” explores the intersection of self and city in a generation freshly bereft of their cultural icons.

80’s Babies continues Jason’s dialog with the 1980’s generation. “These works are elaborate profiles of the subject and the city in which they live,” states gallerist David Kesting, “With the incorporation of found materials, Griffin’s paintings capture the relationship between the city, the viewer and his subjects.”

This installation-heavy exhibition, a collection of figurative paintings and illustrations with strong influence from photography methods, marks the second solo endeavor by Griffin. “For me it represents a passion for people, collaborating with them to discover their story,“ Jason explains. “In this collection I am trying to discover the sitter’s narrative, the life they lead and where they lead it. It’s much more personal than any portrait.”

Personal narratives are a recurring theme in Griffin’s work. His recently celebrated book release “My Name is Jason : Mine Too” combines Griffin’s work with poet Jason Reynolds’ words, documenting their creative coming of age in New York City. The monograph released through HarperCollins publishing has received critical acclaim and has sold several thousand copies with write ups in the Washington Post and numerous other publications.

Leo Kesting offers the art viewing public an opportunity to see forthcoming talents in an intimate setting where undiscovered, cutting-edge artists are presented to the contemporary art scene.

Leo Kesting Gallery is located at 812 Washington St at the corner of Gansevoort in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District. A, C, E, or L train to 8th Ave and 14th Street or 1,2,3 train to 14th Street. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Sunday from 11am until 7pm.

To see more 80’s babies, click the link below!

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