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Artist, Jason Douglas Griffin, and writer, Jason Reynolds come together to create collaborations of art and literature in a seamless way. Their style comes across as both polished and raw, exploring dialogue and new media. Naturally, the assumption of said collaboration is that they illustrate or caption eachother’s work. But what they do is actually just the contrary. The two collaborators take a theme, create individual interpretations or reactions to said theme, and then mesh them together. What they’ve found, and what they rely most on, is the intuition of the friendship and their relationship though art, to create common ground and fresh, thoughtful, jarring works.

Griffin and Reynolds started collaborating in 2004, their senior year in college, after being roommates their junior year. Shortly after school, they raised funds from family members, small loans, and credit cards to create their first project, a coffee table book entitled, “SELF.” “SELF,” was the artistic exploration of two young men, on the brink of manhood, dealing with the usual bumpy transition of young love, self discovery, self acceptance, and even self forgiveness. The young artists sold about 500 copies before realizing that their next step would have to be New York.

They arrived in New York the way most artists do. With nothing. But the plan was for people to see what they had already created with “SELF” and have that spin them into other opportunities. Six months after moving to New York, an interesting turn of events landed “SELF” on the desk of a literary agent at Paradigm Agency. Jason and Jason met with the agent, and shortly thereafter were sitting in the office of Joanna Cotler, editor at HarperCollins Publishers.

They worked with Joanna and HarperCollins for almost three years creating their next book, “My Name is Jason. Mine Too. Our Story, Our Way,” which was released May, 2009. The book was a new and interesting format, using art and poetry to tell the story of the two artists’s journey to the world of personal friendship and professional bookmaking. Before the actual release of the book, Griffin and Reynolds showed their work in several galleries, including the Hillyer Art Space in Washington, DC, and Leo Kesting Gallery in the Meat Packing District in New York City. Their work was featured in the Washington Post where they were given stellar reviews.

And the reviews wouldn’t stop. Once the book came out, they were given two, starred reviews, both praising the work they had done. They have spoken at several libraries all of over New York, as well as as The New York Readers Conference and have been guest speakers at colleges, such as Penn State University.

To promote the book and to continue to scratch their creative itch, they also put on two stage plays, “Just Say Anything,” and “Graduation,” both exhibiting Griffin painting live, and Reynolds dramatically reciting his poetry all in collaboration with a DJ. They also have written a total of ten books, some published, some guerilla, ranging from children’s books, to quirky experimentations.

The two continue to work together, and live in New York City.



My name is Jason. Mine Too.

Reynolds & Griffin

Two young men named Jason, one black and one white, use poetry and art to communicate their different perspectives.  Harper Collins published, 96 pages, full color, awesome

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